Beverly Sills
May 25, 1929 – July 2, 2007

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Welcome to the revised Beverly Sills Online website, a tribute to the American operatic superstar. Access to information about Sills has changed tremendously since this website debuted in 2005. Much of what was being offered (photos, audios, videos, media articles) is currently more freely and widely available from other online sources. To be most useful now, this website will concentrate on material not readily found online. The centerpiece is the set of Sills live performance annals, listing more than 1,400 individual entries. The annals and other categories are linked in the menu choices above (for smartphones & tablets, use the 3-bar menu icon at top right).

Those wishing to access some of this site’s previous categories can still find then through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. Please note that the previous version linked there is not live, interactive, or updated, but all the static web pages can still be viewed.

For any questions concerning the new site or any information about Beverly Sills not addressed here, please used the Contact Form. (updated Aug. 25, 2023)

photo of the Beverly Sills bearded iris, light coral color
The Beverly Sills Iris (Iris germanica)