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Below is a selection from the numerous obituaries and career appreciations that appeared in newspapers, magazines and online sources following Sills' death on July 2, 2007. Please be aware that many of these, written under deadline, perpetuate incorrect information about Sills' life and career. For verification of dates, performances and other facts, please refer to the appropriate sections within BeverlySillsOnline.Com.

Included at the bottom of the page is a separate section of obituaries for Sills' husband, Peter Greenough, who died on Sept. 6, 2006.

Beverly Sills -

Cancer Announcement
Diva Sills very ill, Cancer is cited - June 29, 2007, Verena Dobnik, AP

Death Announcement
Sills,`America's Queen of Opera' - July 3, 2007, Chris Pasles, Los Angeles Times
Opera Star Beverly Sills dies of Cancer - July 3, 2007, Verena Dobnik, AP
Soprano bridged Cultures - July 3, 2007, Mark Feeney, Globe Staff
Opera Star Beverly Sills dies - July 3, 2007, H. Leavitt / Cole, VOA
A Silvery Voice, Silenced at 78 - July, 2007, Tom Huizenga, NPR

Outgoing opera star charmed audiences - July 3, 2007, Joshua Kosman, Chronicle
Opera icon beloved for talent & charisma - July 3, 2007, John von Rhein, Tribune
Sills - Diva, Goofball, Stock Picker - July 3, 2007, Manuela Hoelterhoff, Bloomberg
America's diva popularized high art - July, 2007, John von Rhein, Tribune
A Voice that carried weight- July 3, 2007, Tim Page, Washington Post

La Sills spoke and sang to all of us- July 4, 2007, Mark Swed, LAT
Sills was everyone's favorite diva- July 4, 2007, Keith Powers, Boston Herald
If Sills sang it, opera was American - July 6, 2007, Joshua Kosman, Chronicle
Opera Community shares memories of Sills - July 7, 2007, Alexandyr Kent, ST
Sills helped opera cast off chilly image- July 8, 2007, Anthony Tommasini, NYT
Soprano Beverly Sills dead at 78 - July 8, 2007, Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

R.I.P. Bubbles - July 11, 2007, Lindsay Koob, Charleston City Paper
Sills Entertained Masses and Muppets - July 11, 2007, Joal Ryan, ET
Sills remembered in Brooklyn and Elsewhere - July 2007, Brooklyn Eagle Staff
Sills -- the Fun Diva - July 11, 2007, Lloyd Schwartz, Phoenix

Peter Greenough -

Beverly Sills' Husband Dies at 89 - September 7, 2006, AP Staff
Peter Greenough dies at 89 - September 8, 2006, Times Staff
Financial Journalist & husband of Sills dead at 89 - September 8, 2006, Matthew Westphal, Playbill Correspondent
Husband of Sills dead at 89 - Sept. 11, 2006, Emma Stickgold, Globe Correspondent

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